gb whatsapp download

GB Whatsapp Download

GBWhatsapp Download

GB WhatsApp Download apk download free with all options available you can check the below download button; if you are interested in that online position to hide, dark theme mode, video call block, anti-remove message, show blue tick after reply, hide visual status and anti-remove status, etc. is a modified version of gbwhatsapp official WhatsApp, you can use free all the time.

In the GB Whatsapp apk, you get more features than the official version in which you get security and privacy features. This app will not be available for you in any play store or app store so that the user can download it from Hide Status Story Auto Reply. More features are available.

All know that nowadays people are very busy in this era they do not have enough time to go to their friend’s place and talk to him or they can meet him every day. Hence, friends, this is an app for them that they have a way to speak to them through this app they can communicate with them. Deleted messages are also visible in this app. Deletes from even then can see your two friends all use this app.

Friends, you can talk or record audio in this app and send it to your friends. You can also share your relative’s video calls and play audio calls are also available in this app if you have friends online in this app. Coming, then it will also learn on your screen.

In this app, you can also change your phone’s screen in Kodak mode. You can not even talk in airplane mode in this app. You can capture videos or photos of friends. This is a unique thing that you can also download its status if any of your friends have posted a charming quality that you want to download.

Your group comes and your private chatting comes in one side. This total of 5 options are made, and you can also delete the video calls made by friends in this and talk about your business. You can also send messages to your friends.

About the GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is a fantastic app in which you get many features. You can also share messages and college videos with this app and create groups related to your study, which you can see in your messenger ID GB. Most students use WhatsApp for analysis in their life.

They are also using apps very well. You can also save the documents sent by someone in a PDF on your memory card Can. Get GBWA App can be attested from your memory card. Friends in GBWhatsApp, you can also call or video call any person. This app is available for you free.


It also has its premium version on its website for free You get many group messages in this friends you get upset. Hence, friends in which app many group score all the groups are in the option on a separate side when you want to read or see your group’s message.

You that option can also see your group’s messages by going to If your friends want to read your chat without seeing the notes of your group, you want to see the letters of your friends. Only then can you see your friends’ messages only?

What is GBWhatsapp Apk

If you want to block someone in this GBWhatsapp apk, you can also stop them if you want your messages to be yours. Please do not always come near, nor see it on your screen. Then you can also use this notification in this app. If you do not want to share your DP with everyone, then you can also hide your DP.

You can also make messages and video calls to your family. You can also make video calls to many of your friends. There is a perfect app available to you for free on its website. For this, you will not be charged anything. Friends, then, what to think? Now you can also use this free app.


She is not replying to him now. He started talking to her now friend, so her girlfriend used to come online, but she was talking to another boy. She could not even know that her girlfriend was coming online or not coming, then only he downloaded this app and came to know.

He found out about this, and she scolded him and broke up. If you want only your contacts to see it, you can also do that option, friend. If you want to hide someone’s status, you can also hide it from excellent friends.

Feature of GB Whatsapp Apk

Friends are such a gb whatsapp Apk through which you can say your words. This app lets you record your voice and share your relative score with your friend. You can simultaneously forward your videos, photos or messages to many people. Many great features are available in it, which you get for free by downloading it from its website.

Auto reply

Auto reply

In this app, you want your friends not to know what you have seen then. You can read your friends without seeing their messages, but your friends will not understand the letters you have visited. If you want to reply to someone, you can answer quickly using this app. Quickly you can also use voice record to likIn this app, you can send messages to your friends by typing in any language.

Hide the last seen

Hide the last seen

you can also see how often your friend came online and did not reply to your message, how long your friend read your message, and how many times he replied to you. This app is used to see the last time your status is seen, and they can respond to timing message replies. It also has an option in a setting where you can add your previous scene so that your friends and latest will not know how long you came online. You can also see the time.

Disable forwarded status

Disable forwarded status

This is such an app that you can also hide your status. If you want that you have a friend who cannot see your situation, then you can also heighten that person’s friends. I had put a group like this. What I wanted was for none of my friends could see it, so I hid the quality of it. You can also see the quality of any of your friends and share their status further with your friends.

Anti-delete status

delete status

You also get this facility if your friend has posted a status that he deletes immediately, then friends until you see the situation will continue to appear. You can also see the quality of any of your friends and share their status further with your friends. You know that this status is excellent, so I also downloaded and my friends downloaded it for free and sent it to your situation.

Show bluetick after the reply


As you know that when we send a message to any person on WhatsApp, a blue tick appears in it. If the person opens the network, then there are two marks. If that person reads that message, then the routes convert into blue spots showing you that the person has read the letter sent by you. Is it that person who is replying or not? This thing is correct; you come to know.

GBWhatsApp Pro feature

GBWhatsapp Download

you know that this status is outstanding, so I also download it. My friends download it for free fast. Send this status to your group Yes, friends, through this app, you can apply your rate or friends you have used any position which you should not have applied then friends; you can also disable that status by which Bhatt status of someone else’s WhatsApp.

Anti delete massage

delete status

Friends, in this app, if someone sends you an abusive message and deletes it, then you can read that message through this app. If someone writes anything to you and thinks I should delete this message, that message gets deleted from his side, but that message is not deleted in your messenger. You can read that message. It is possible only in GBWhatsApp.

Anti delete photo

Anti delete photo

One of my friends posted my photo and made a vulgar comment. He posted the status and then he deleted the group after some time. He thought I would not see this status, only that I was downloading the GB Whatsapp app, in which the deleted quality was also visible. Due to this, I also learned that my friend had made a vulgar comment by putting a fair picture.

Hide view status

Hide view status

Friends in this app, if any of your friends hide any status from you so that they do not want you to see that message or the exact level, then you can see their status through this app. He will not even know his friends. You can also see the added level in this app.

How to Download GBWhatsApp Apk on Android

Friends, you can use this thing on Android phones as well. You can use it on any Android phone and then download the Android premium version of it from its website and log in to GBWhatsApp Apk for Android Phones.

App byAlexMods
FeaturesMany features
Requirement5.1 and up
Updated1 day ago

It is a perfect messenger app. You can log in to any mobile phone with your sim number and also change your phone number. If you download this app from its website on your mobile phone, then it is available to you for free there is no charge for its premium version. It also charges you if you download it from Play Store, but there is no charge for downloading from its website.

How to Download GB Whatsapp Apk on IOS or Windows

We have just learned how to gb whatsapp download on Android. Now some people would like Android ios or Windows instead of Android phones. For this, you have to follow Android access. For this, you have to go to Google Chrome first. Have to download this app from there. After allotting the Times and Conditions, you can download it on any iOS or Windows device.

If any of your friends do not even reply after seeing your status, you also know that your friend has seen your situation. Still, he is not responding if your friends. If someone blocked you, you would know your friend blocked you. One of my friend’s girlfriends had stopped him, and because of this, he could not talk to her.

How to Update GBWhatsApp Apk

if you want to download the latest version of this GBWhatsApp apk in which new features have been added, you will find this updated version on our website from where you can download it and enjoy it because it is free. And no user has to pay any charge for this.

When you download this app on our website, you will need Google Chrome. It does not matter if you do not have a Chrome browser, it does not matter; the search engine should be Google. After that, go to any browser and download this app. You can download and enjoy this, which is the latest and new update.

GBWhatsApp App FAQs

Can I use this GBWhatsapp app on an Android device?

Yes, you use this app on an Android device.

Is this a safe app?

Yes, it is a safe app.

How to download this app?

Visit our website and download this app.

Final word

Friends, in the last, I would like to say to all of you that this app is much better than the official version. If you download this app, its premium version is available for free, so you also download this app and enjoy it with a free prize.